Dolls, please send in some more URL’s your girl here is bored out of her mind.

uprisersrp said:
Hey there! This is a brand new appless roleplay that would love your opinion. Please and thank you!

Hi doll! Holy smokes, my first impression before reading the plot was “Holy these people have spent so much time on this theme” and making the graphics. I enjoy the whole color scheme of the whole page, it made things easy to read, which is always good. For the plot, I’m not really a fan of it. Because it seems really overused in a way, having kids going to festivals and partying isn’t different from all the other party-like roleplays out there. Navigation wise, everything is was easy to find which is always good. Admins of the roleplay seem very excited to have people apply for the RP. If they stay this way they will find people who like the plot and are willing to join (being seen that you have apps already). Nonetheless, It’s not a roleplay I would join myself.

Rating: 5.5/10

Woah, I haven’t been on here in a while. Everything’s been a little hectic but I’m here now. So please leave me a URL.

I’m honestly bored as hell, so you guys should send us in some URLs to clear that up for me.

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Exactly. I agree with you 100%. Honestly, you can have the prettiest theme and graphics but at the end of the day it really doesn’t matter as much as the plot does. I’m tired of seeing the same hollywood, secrets, twins, or small town roleplays in the tags. Not many things are original anymore and it’s sad. And even if you find something original sometimes the admins fuck off or the members make it cliquey and that causes a problem. 

Exactly!!! I agree. I hope something good comes along soon. I should say tho, if the RP is cliquey and the admins get messages about it, they should do something about it, bc that isn’t fair at. Roleplaying should be a lovely experience for everyone.

that i didn’t know cause i’ve only been in one and like we were required to write our own bio. idk man, like i said any rp these days are just bleh.

It’s the way rp’s are being handled is what making then so “bleh”, like everyone does things for graphics and like shows off but the plots are not well written and overused most of the time. 

Anonymous said:
we don't need anymore god damn talk blogs

*You don’t need anymore annoying ass talk blogs. Honestly, most people make talk blogs now because they want to bash RPs and RPHs and not actually give people advice and constructive criticism. We’re not here to do that, and you won’t see us start bashing anyone unless we’re bashed first.

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I feel you on appless, I've been in appless but they usually die. But I kinda like skeleton because no, it's not a full bio but you get the fc and some facts about the character then you write the rest which is kinda like halfway between bio and skeleton. but tbh most roleplays anymore bio or not are just meh. it all depends on the admins and stuff.

Most skeleton RPs don’t require the players to write out a full bio for the character, though. There are those select roleplayers who go out of their way and write a bio for the character, but most people don’t take the time to do that so that leaves you with an RP full of players who aren’t dedicated or attached to their characters because they’re just making it up as they go along.

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While I wait for someone to send in a URL, I’m just gonna rant a little bit about appless and skeleton roleplays, although I’ve never applied nor been in those roleplays I get upset at the fact that this is what roleplays have come to. I miss the days where like I would get excited about playing a character bc the bio was just amazing and I was like in love. Like where have all the lovely bio roleplays gone to??? I just don’t understand, and appless rps? Like who started that trend not applying to be in a rp. I mean I enjoyed like sitting, waiting, and like refreshing that page to see if I had made it into the rp and if not I would always apply again. I don’t know this post is like all over the place but I hope someone knows what I mean.